6 Reasons Construction Companies Need Accounting Professionals

It's been a long day. You were up at 6:00 and at the construction site by 7:00. It's 10:00 pm, and you're trying to pull together a proposal for a huge construction project that is due tomorrow. Somehow, the numbers aren't coming together, plus you aren't sure what is the best revenue recognition approach to [...]

How Well Are You Managing Your 1099s?

How are you managing your 1099s these days? Every business owner knows the importance of strong financials. Without a solid balance sheet, it's difficult to receive loans or attract investors. Yet, many companies fail to realize how accurate tax reporting contributes to a financially sound organization. For example, failure to file non-employee compensation on form [...]

Best Accounting Practices for General Contractors

At the end of a year-long project, the CEO of a construction company joked that he loved it when a plan came together. Although the CEO was pleased that the project went as planned, he felt that the success was due as much to luck as to planning. After all, only 28% of construction projects come [...]

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