Are you consistently losing your receipts and bills? Do you long to have an easier way of keeping documents? Or do you hate the mounds of paperwork in your home and office? Intuit is, yet again, looking out for all small business owners. Now, within the QuickBooks Online App you can take pictures of your receipts and bills on the go. This means less clutter in your home and in your office! Imagine how much time and frustration you will save with this new feature. All you will have to do is open the QuickBooks Online App, take a picture, and review the transaction when you can.

How It Works

Within the QuickBooks Online App on your mobile device, tap the Menu ≡ icon and tap Receipt Snap. In this section, tap on the camera icon and take a picture of your receipt or bill, then press “Done.” QuickBooks will review all the information and create a transaction based on what the app finds. Easy enough, right? Then, you can toss the receipt where it belongs, in the trash.

Once you have the time, you can review and categorize the new transaction on your computer. You will go to the Banking or Transactions menu within QuickBooks Online and select the Receipts tab. Then, you can click on any bill or receipt you have added to see more details. If you see “Review” in the action column, tap on that transaction to make the needed adjustments and corrections. If you see “Match” in the action column, you can match the receipt to a transaction that already exists in QuickBooks. How nice is that? You will no longer need to go searching for lost transactions! 

If QuickBooks is matching a transaction incorrectly, or there is not a transaction to be matched, you can create a new expense or bill from the image. You will want to go to the “Expenses” menu and select the expenses tab. By selecting “new transaction” and then expense, you will be able to create a new expense and attach the correct image.

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