• Tracking Business Expenses on the Go

Tracking Business Expenses on the Go

Project accounting can be difficult to manage, especially if it includes tracking billable expenses on the go. When employees travel to a client's location to install software or equipment, transportation and living expenses are billed to the client. While the client [...]

  • leave quickbooks to the professionals

5 Reasons to Leave QuickBooks to Professionals

When you first started your business, bookkeeping was 15 minutes at the end of the day. Maybe you updated a spreadsheet and tossed a few receipts in a drawer. When tax time came around, you sent the drawer of receipts [...]

  • retirement plan

Start a Retirement Plan in 2022 to Save Money, Lower Taxes

Financial advisors are continually recommending retirement plans to business owners. They often make that recommendation every tax year and wonder why the owners never do. When asked, about 40% of small business owners do not believe they have enough money to [...]

  • Managing Your 1099s

How Well Are You Managing Your 1099s?

How are you managing your 1099s these days? Every business owner knows the importance of strong financials. Without a solid balance sheet, it's difficult to receive loans or attract investors. Yet, many companies fail to realize how accurate tax reporting [...]

  • accounting for general contractors

Best Accounting Practices for General Contractors

At the end of a year-long project, the CEO of a construction company joked that he loved it when a plan came together. Although the CEO was pleased that the project went as planned, he felt that the success was due [...]

  • construction job costing software

Construction Industry Job Costing Software: Knowify & simPRO

Knowify and simPRO platforms are both a customer service management tool as well as a job cost and job tracking tool. Both offer an all-encompassing cloud-based platform that can handle contractor projects from start to finish. Each of these tools [...]

  • Crucial Documents for taxes

What Paperwork Do I Need to Keep for Taxes?

When it comes to paperwork, most business owners fall into one of two extremes. There are those who have huge boxes full of every receipt, invoice, carbon copy, and cocktail napkin they’ve ever come across (“just in case”), and those [...]

  • quickbooks features

New in QuickBooks: 3 Features That Make Accounting Easier

At Pooley Accounting Services, we value the drive to continuing education. That is why all our employees participate in the QuickBooks Online Recertification. This is important to our company because we strive to give the best, and most effective, accounting [...]

  • home office deductions

Home Office Deductions 101

Do you run your small business out of home?  If so, you may be entitled to a significant number of tax deductions that can save you a lot of money, but only if you properly track and record them. Let’s [...]

  • Expertise Best Bookkeeper 2021

Best Bookkeepers in St. Louis

Pooley Accounting Chosen as one of the TOP Picks for Best Bookkeepers in St. Louis Third Year in a Row by Expertise. How are bookkeepers chosen? Bookkeepers in the St Louis area are scored on more than [...]

  • pooley accounting best in business SBM 2021

Best in Reliability

Regardless of the project, the business you choose to partner with must follow through on commitments. The following companies — including Pooley Accounting Services — were voted the most reliable in St. Louis.

  • structure chart of accounts

How to Structure Your Chart of Accounts

The most helpful item that QuickBooks has to offer is that it structures your Chart of Accounts in a way that greatly helps your accountant when it comes to tax time. But what is the Chart of Accounts? Well, it [...]

  • audit

Your Small Business Audit Risk Just Grew

The word “audit” makes many business owners shudder. No one likes the idea of the IRS digging into their books looking for mistakes and finding ways to increase their tax bill. But, historically, the rate of audits for small businesses [...]

  • quickbooks third party app

Third Party QBO Apps

Third-party applications can save you so much time and money when they are added to your QuickBooks file. But how do you know when it is worth it to add a third-party application? Well, let me ask you a few [...]

  • Dext Prepare

How Dext Prepare Can Save You Time and Money in 2021

Are you looking for new ways in 2021 to save time and money?  Maybe you are looking to make your company greener or streamline processes? A great way to do all the above is with and integrated app called Dext [...]

  • hire an accountant firm

Should I Hire an Accounting Firm, or Can I Do it Myself?

As a business owner, your decisions can mean the difference between financial success or stress and failure. In the past few years - especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic - there have been two major trends growing for [...]

  • Smart Capture

QuickBooks App – Smart Receipt Capture

Are you consistently losing your receipts and bills? Do you long to have an easier way of keeping documents? Or do you hate the mounds of paperwork in your home and office? Intuit is, yet again, looking out for [...]

  • tax season

Five Things Your Accountant Needs For Tax Time

We’d all like tax season to go a little smoother. And no one wants that more than your tax preparer. So, why not get a head start this year and help your accountant help you by getting them everything they [...]

  • Quickbooks Mileage Tracking Mileage in QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks Mileage: Tracking Mileage in QuickBooks Online

Are you given messy or incomplete mileage logs from your employees or contractors? Are you afraid of missing out on deductions because you cannot find an accurate way to track mileage? The IRS requires awfully specific regulations for tracking mileage. [...]

  • Prepare for Tax Time

How do I prepare for tax time?

Prepare for Tax Time: Get it together now to make taxes as painless as possible Tax season is always a little hectic. With the rollercoaster that was 2020, this year is bound to be even more challenging (especially if your [...]

  • Amazon Business and QuickBooks Online Integration

Amazon Business and QuickBooks Online Integration

Do you use Amazon to purchase items for your business?  Have trouble identifying those purchases within your QuickBooks Online to categorize them correctly? Intuit is looking out for you! They are consistently trying to make business owners’ lives easier, and [...]

  • filing taxes early

5 Big Benefits of Filing Taxes Early

Are You Ready for Tax Season? Here are 5 Big Benefits of Filing Taxes Early We all know the saying about death and taxes. Death can be a bit unpredictable, but taxes pop up like clockwork every April. But that [...]

  • 1099misc

1099MISC Form 2020 – What You Need To Know

Changes to the 1099MISC Historically, the 1099MISC was used to report Nonemployee Compensation. In 2020, the Nonemployee Compensation Box is being removed and moved to its own form, 1099NEC. This form was discontinued in the 1980s, but is being resurrected [...]

  • Why Accounting Matters For Your Small Business

Why Accounting Matters For Your Small Business

As a business owner, bookkeeping and accounting can often feel like a chore. A necessary evil that you put off until the last minute and spend as little time as possible. But there are several ways bookkeeping and accounting can [...]

  • coronavirus covid19 resources pooley accounting

COVID-19 Updates & Resources

Pooley Accounting and COVID-19 At Pooley Accounting Services we have been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 Outbreak and recommendations from the CDC and local authorities.  In order to comply with requests to practice social distancing over the coming weeks we [...]