5 Reasons to Leave QuickBooks to Professionals

When you first started your business, bookkeeping was 15 minutes at the end of the day. Maybe you updated a spreadsheet and tossed a few receipts in a drawer. When tax time came around, you sent the drawer of receipts and the spreadsheet to your accountant. As the business grew, you had less time for [...]

Having an Accountant Set Up Quickbooks Online Positions Your Business for Success

We celebrated my mother’s birthday a few days ago and I couldn’t help but think of what she used to say every time she’d come into my disorganized bedroom: There’s a place for everything and everything has its place. Learning A Lesson The Hard Way This really rang true the other day when a real [...]

How to Structure Your Chart of Accounts

The most helpful item that QuickBooks has to offer is that it structures your Chart of Accounts in a way that greatly helps your accountant when it comes to tax time. But what is the Chart of Accounts? Well, it is exactly what it says. It is a list of all accounts you have in [...]

Third Party QBO Apps

Third-party applications can save you so much time and money when they are added to your QuickBooks file. But how do you know when it is worth it to add a third-party application? Well, let me ask you a few questions. Are you still using excel sheets for payroll? Or are you having trouble keeping [...]

QuickBooks App – Smart Receipt Capture

Are you consistently losing your receipts and bills? Do you long to have an easier way of keeping documents? Or do you hate the mounds of paperwork in your home and office? Intuit is, yet again, looking out for all small business owners. Now, within the QuickBooks Online App you can take pictures of [...]

Quickbooks Mileage: Tracking Mileage in QuickBooks Online

Are you given messy or incomplete mileage logs from your employees or contractors? Are you afraid of missing out on deductions because you cannot find an accurate way to track mileage? The IRS requires awfully specific regulations for tracking mileage. Therefore, when the time comes to complete taxes, it can be difficult to find the [...]

Amazon Business and QuickBooks Online Integration

Do you use Amazon to purchase items for your business?  Have trouble identifying those purchases within your QuickBooks Online to categorize them correctly? Intuit is looking out for you! They are consistently trying to make business owners’ lives easier, and they have triumphed with this new program. Intuit has recently released an integration software between [...]

Changes to QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Set To Improve Business and Increase Productivity

QuickBooks Desktop is planning on releasing pivotal additions for 2021 that will improve your business. Not only will these additions make things easier, but it will also significantly decrease your workload in your day to day operations. QuickBooks Desktop 2021: Improvements Worth Noting Bank Feeds Require Less Manual Entry QuickBooks will be a better fit [...]

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