At Pooley Accounting Services, we value the drive to continuing education. That is why all our employees participate in the QuickBooks Online Recertification. This is important to our company because we strive to give the best, and most effective, accounting services we can. If you are considering taking the QuickBooks Online Recertification, keep reading! Here, we are going to give you a glance into what is new and upcoming in QuickBooks Online.

New Notes Feature

Does your desk consist of mounds upon mounds of notes? Small scraps of paper used to clutter our employees’ desks until this new feature was released. QuickBooks have gifted accountants everywhere the “Notes Tab”. While you are in a client file, you can create any note that is stamped with the time and the original author. These notes are only for you, but anyone who has access to the client file can view and edit them. Now, you can get rid of the clutter on your desk! Everything is housed on the client’s file. 

To create a note:

  • Go to “Accountant Tools” while in a client’s file.
  • Select “Notes”
  • Add notes from the “Add a Note” field
  • Select “Save”
  • To view the note you just created, go to “Client List” and select the client’s name

Bookkeeping Tab Improvements

Instead of getting frustrated with Month End Tasks, you can celebrate the ease of reviews that QuickBooks has implemented. When viewing your clients, in the Bookkeeping Tab, you can now view the month-end progress for each client. QuickBooks has taken the guesswork out of everything!

You will be able to see your progress for transaction review, account reconciliation, and final review. QuickBooks automatically updates your progress as you complete each task. You can even add custom tasks that are specific to the client.

New Bill Pay Powered By Melio

QuickBooks is rooting for accountants and our clients to have more freedom away from the computer. The new bills pay makes paying bills seamless for you and your clients. You can pay all your bills inside QuickBooks, pay bills via the mobile app, and you can also pay with ACH or checks.

Now you can pay bills via bank transfer, debit card, or credit card. The new bill pay is also incredibly simple for the vendors we are paying. They do not need to do anything on their end, you just enter your bank information and send the payment! You can even set up future payment dates, so you never have to miss a payment.

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As you can see, a QuickBooks Certified Accountant is the way to go. With the new features released, we are better able to fit your needs in an effective way. If you need any help, please call Pooley Accounting Services at (706) – 260 – 7808.