Do you use Amazon to purchase items for your business?  Have trouble identifying those purchases within your QuickBooks Online to categorize them correctly?

Intuit is looking out for you! They are consistently trying to make business owners’ lives easier, and they have triumphed with this new program. Intuit has recently released an integration software between QuickBooks Online and Amazon Business.  Amazon Business is designed to allow small businesses to delegate purchasing supplies to team members whilst retaining control for the small business owner. An Amazon Business account will allow you to view who purchased what items, set spending limits, and delegate control to a member of your team.  In addition to those benefits, you will now have the benefit of being able to integrate your Amazon purchases with your QuickBooks Online. 

Think about how trouble-free your life will be once these two apps are integrated. QuickBooks automatically refreshes your Amazon Business purchases throughout the day, so you never have to be afraid to miss something. It will import the item description, costs, and fees for each transaction, automatically. QuickBooks will also import a returned item from a customer. This will help you and your accountant know exactly how to categorize each transaction. Knowing that categorization will be quicker, you can save some time, which saves you money! With all your newfound free time, you will be able to spend more time with your family.

Want to know how to get connected?

First, you must make sure that you are the primary administrator for your Amazon Business account and the master or company admin in QuickBooks. After that is taken care of, simply go to the Banking tab and connect Amazon Business in the same way that you would add a new bank account.  Sign in to your account and select an import start date that works for you and select agree! Easy as that.

The app will import your Amazon Business purchases into QuickBooks automatically from there. If you have a lot of transactions, you may not see them immediately. Do not fret! The app will keep working until the job is done.  Within QuickBooks Online you will be able to review the purchase transactions using the NEW App Transactions tab accessible from the banking area.  The integration will bring in the order details, payee, and a link to the order as well as give you the opportunity to categorize the transaction prior to either adding them to your books or matching it to an existing transaction.  You will no longer need to have access to the Amazon account to get the details of the order.  

Are you interested in setting up an Amazon Business account and integrating it with your QuickBooks Online file? Please give us a call today at (314) 260-7808 or set up a Discovery Call!