QuickBooks Desktop is planning on releasing pivotal additions for 2021 that will improve your business. Not only will these additions make things easier, but it will also significantly decrease your workload in your day to day operations.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021: Improvements Worth Noting

Bank Feeds Require Less Manual Entry

QuickBooks will be a better fit to auto categorize your transactions with less manual entry. This means less time is taken from your day! You will also have more flexibility and efficiency with enhanced rules. These rules have an option to indicate whether the transaction should be dedicated to money coming in or money going out. With these two new options, it gives more direction and more accuracy to create a better outcome.

Auto-Matching Merchant Payments Accuracy is Greatly Improved

In the Banking Section of QuickBooks Desktop, the auto-matching of merchant payments has been improved. Exactly like before, the program will automatically match transactions to open invoices. However, seeing as the accuracy has been improved, you can focus your attention on specific transactions.

Click and Upload Receipts in Seconds with Receipt Management

Receipt Management will be your favorite thing once you start using it. Intuit has taken a note from QuickBooks Online and will be adding Receipt Management promptly to Desktop. With Receipt Management, you will be able to take photos of your receipts with a mobile device and upload the images to your QuickBooks file! The receipt will, then, create its own transaction, and all you will need to do is categorize the receipts. The best part is you can limit the access users have. The user does not have to have access to your QuickBooks file.

Automated Custom Payment Reminders

The new payment reminders will be the most used in your business. When you use Payment Reminders, QuickBooks will automatically send statements to your customers. You can also create customer groups to have recurring statements sent. You will be able to customize the statements to include your business logo, as well.

Enhanced Preview for Accuracy

If you were to email an invoice manually, in the improved attachment preview, you will gain the confidence that you are attaching the correct documents. The attachment preview, now, automatically displays the attachments before they send. 

New Time-Saving Tricks When Using Payroll

Intuit has simplified setting up employees in payroll. You would merely send the employee an email, and they will be able to fill out their address, W4, and direct deposit information. You will be able to approve and import the information once the employee completes the information. This is much more efficient than the old way!

Do you forget the numerous dates that payroll taxes are due? QuickBooks is currently introducing Payroll Liability Reminders to its regimen. You will be able to export the due dates and add them to your calendar directly. This makes it easier to keep track of all these dates.

Desktop Manager Useful When Support is Needed

Easily find and install all your owned QuickBooks Desktop software. This will help smaller businesses reduce support calls when looking for license details and a downloadable link.

Get Your Questions Answered… Quickly

Most importantly, if you ever have any questions, you can, now, use the QuickBooks Tool Hub. This Hub is remarkably similar to the hub in QuickBooks Online. It gives the answers to commonly asked questions in one place. Here, you can get answers to fix common troubles such as installation, file, network, and password issues. The improved QuickBooks Tool Hub keeps your software running smoothly.

Time is money, and Intuit is looking out for all business owners with these new updates coming to QuickBooks Desktop 2021!